Who We Are

The Stage Coach Commitment – To deliver the highest quality products while leaving a small environmental footprint and a large impact on society.

Charity Pledge – Our values are in line with those of numerous foundations that support breast cancer awareness, which is why it is our pledge to donate a percentage of every bottle sold annually.

Stage Coach Sauces has operated for more than 19 years as an FDA and Department of State inspected plant. We hold a current FCE number (Federal Canning Establishment – International Import/Export).

Still Retorts- Pressure Processing In Steam
Still Retorts- Over Pressure
Hydrostatic Retorts
Agitating Retorts- Continuous & Discontinuous
Food Plant Sanitation
Process Room Instrumentation, Equipment and Operation
Records for Product Protection Food Container Handling
Metal Containers
Closures for Glass Containers
Closures for Semi-Rigid and Flexible Containers